Blue Blaze is excited to announce our merger with Robertson Stephens Wealth Management! More details can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Our Merger For Our Clients

Hikers rely on trail markers called blue blazes to point them to water, shelter, a scenic vista, and sometimes, an easier route. The blue paint mark on a tree leads the adventurer toward a unique opportunity.

At Blue Blaze Financial Advisors, we offer financial trail markers to lead you to your unique life goals. Our goal is that you never miss an opportunity to live a life rich with experience.

If you’re asking questions like, Am I in the right job? Should I go back to school? Is my family protected from financial risk? Can I afford to pay for college? When can I retire? Do I really want to? What will be my legacy? Then it’s financial life guidance you’re looking for.

With decades of financial services experience as Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants, we don’t just look at financial records to give you advice. We take a holistic look at your life to advise and coach you through choices. You can chart your own future path knowing that we will be beside you along the way.