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What's Your Big Idea and How Will You Prepare?

Posted by Frankie Corrado

Bell EclipseUpdate.jpgPhoto credit: Peter Dant Photography

On August 21, 2017, the first total solar eclipse in the United States since 1918, ran from coast to coast, from Oregon to South Carolina.

It was a big deal.

Some financial experts raced ahead in the news, predicting a $700 million dollar ‘hit’ to the USA’s collective productivity bottom line, thanks to people taking time out of their day (or the day off) to watch the celestial show. (Read why Forbes says this is bunk.) The Associated Press reported that it was the most observed and reported eclipse in history.

It was special for those of us occupying the north west hemisphere as this eclipse event was only visible in the United States and there won’t be another one like it until April 2024.

How special was it?

According to, more than 1,000 state campsites across the eclipse’s main trajectory sold out months in advance.

Sold Out.

Thousands of people took vacation time from work and traveled to states like North Carolina, selling out hotels like it was the Superbowl for the chance to see the eclipse’s most dramatic version -- 100% coverage. Buzzfeed and VOX both confirmed what we all gleaned from the non-stop news coverage -- that tens of millions of us human beings spent part of our Monday afternoon (or morning, if you were watching from the Pacific coast) taking in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Did you watch? We did, and thousands watched it with us.

Big Crowd Eclipse Top View.jpg          Photo credit: Jessica Perillo


EclipseWatchersOutside.jpeg                    Photo credit: IG user fab_habitat

At Blue Blaze, a core belief of our firm is that everyone deserves an optimal life, rich with experience. We show up to work every day with that as our driving principle.

That’s why we were delighted that so many of our Bell Works fellow-tenants, their family members and members of our Holmdel community -- and even beyond -- joined us that Monday to share this truly rare moment with us.

To pull off this eclipse-viewing party, we partnered with Bell Works and our digital media marketing partners, Marketing Rival. It was a LOT of extra work, and yes, it was worth every minute. What began as a blue-sky conversation around the office water cooler became a real-life goal, complete with a full-fledged plan of action.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know I’m very serious about two things -- hiking, and goal setting. I may not be able to convince everyone to join me on the trails, but I hope everyone reading this will be persuaded on the importance of setting goals and committing to a plan to reach those goals.

That water-cooler brainstorm could have fizzled as soon as it came up, but it didn’t. There was enthusiasm in the office about the idea and I encouraged our team to make it a goal -- and we did. That goal could still have ended up as just a well-meaning idea on a white board, except that we committed to a plan of action to make sure our goal became reality.

BWLookUpwithGlasses.jpeg                    Photo credit: Sue Barr

We enjoyed the eclipse. We enjoyed the after-eclipse party when we welcomed friends, clients and new friends we met during the event to our new offices at Bell Works.

If you watched the eclipse, were you moved? Awestruck? As you reflected on the experience afterwards, have you thought about what life experiences you want for yourself that you don’t know exactly how you’re going to accomplish?

We know, from personal experience, there is a way to approach every goal that makes it more likely you’ll succeed. Don’t give up on anything that inspires passion in your spirit. When you feel that sense of excitement and anticipation, set a goal that honors that. When you set the goal, gather together people you trust and who know something about your goal to encourage and guide you.

What started out as an enthusiastic brainstorm turned into an amazing spectacle with over 3,000 people sharing in a truly phenomenal life event.

For me, this might be the biggest take away, actually; this fulfillment of a real-life example proving that our wildest dreams CAN come true -- at least some, good version of them -- as long as we have the help we need, pay attention, and remain flexible.

What are some of your enthusiastic brainstorms and wildest dreams? Even if they can inspire just you or your family those brainstorms are what drive us to strive for great things. My free advice - cultivate those dreams so that they grow.

And if you ever need guidance along the way, please give us a call!

If you didn’t a chance to join us on the terrace, please give us a call and arrange to come and visit. Love to share Bell Works with you and talk about your ‘big idea’.

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