Blue Blaze believes that everyone deserves an optimal life. We strive to be a source of strength for every individual committed to living a successful life.  Our two- stage approach is straightforward & logical:

    Stage 1: “Map Your Journey”-  Help you envision an optimal life, develop a plan to get there & get you started.

    Stage 2: “Blaze Your Trail”-  A joint commitment to monitor your Financial Life Plan, assess progress and provide financial advice & direction to keep you on your path. Should the scope and complexity of your financial situation warrant, specialized Investment Management and Tax Management services are offered for clients seeking tailored execution support.

    Blue Blaze offers Financial Life Guidance to clients, which includes comprehensive life planning and investment advisory services, tax, estate planning, risk management, retirement planning, education planning, and business development services. Blue Blaze’s goal is to partner with clients to foster deep relationships with them, and an understanding of their unique situations.


    “Map Your Journey”

    •  Visioning - Lighting the Torch

    Getting clarity on what’s most important in your life is the critical first step to developing a Financial Life Plan. An illuminating experience- referred to as “Lighting the Torch” is supported by Blue Blaze as follows:

    • Lead clients through a formal process of thought provoking conversations and structured life planning exercises to identify their most significant life and wealth goals.
    • Acknowledge client’s perceived obstacles and highlight the financial opportunities, obligations and threats faced by each client.
    • Address client’s most pressing financial concerns.
    • Preparation of your Financial Life Plan

    Having set a vision of your optimal life, a roadmap, or Financial Life Plan, can now be prepared to guide you forward. The Financial Life Plan will include the following:

    1.  Preparation of the following financial statements: 
    • Income and Expense - We will look at income and expenditure both for your current situation and for the future. We will work with you on budgeting if required.
    • Net Worth - We will calculate your net worth by compiling a listing of your assets and your liabilities.
    • Cashflow forecasting - We have partnered with eMoney/Fidelity to use the latest technology to prepare your cashflow statement and model different ‘what if’ scenarios to bring to life the information gained from the life planning exercises and information you have provide on your finances.

    2. Risk profiling: Using risk profiling tools with an understanding of your stated goals and finances, we can assess your tolerance for  taking risk and can suggest adjustments that may be appropriate.

    3. Determination of suitable tax strategy: We will review your recent tax filings in light of your current financial situation and recommend any appropriate adjustments which minimize tax burden or help attain your objectives.

    4. Observations & Recommendations: We will provide our observations on the current state of your financial situation along with written recommendations we believe should be considered. Our advice and recommendations will be impartial and based on your situation. You will not be obligated to implement any of our recommendations.


    For “Mapping Your Journey” which includes the visioning process and the preparation of your Financial Life Plan, fees will range between $1,500-$6,000 depending on the number of participants and complexity.  It is expected that this service could be completed in 3-6 months.


    Blaze Your Trail”

    Clients who choose to continue their relationship with Blue Blaze, engage in a joint commitment to monitor the Financial Life Plan, assess progress and take necessary actions to keep you on your path. Should the scope and complexity of your financial situation warrant, specialized Investment Management and Tax Management services are offered for clients seeking tailored execution support.

    • Financial Life Planning & Advisory Services

    Financial life planning, like life itself, is not static nor is it something you do once and forget about. It is a dynamic process and can benefit greatly from ongoing planning & advisory support. Those seeking on-going guidance as they continue their journey, will receive the following:

    • Annual review meeting: Most effective as a face to face meeting, we undergo a thorough review of your Financial Life Plan. We will assess progress, identify new circumstances that could alter your plan and adjust accordingly.
    • Progress Report and Action Plan: Throughout the year, Blue Blaze will monitor progress of your plan, and facilitate any required action steps.
    • Access to Blue Blaze resources: You will have access to a team of professionals at Blue Blaze who will provide guidance, advice and transactional support throughout the year; when and as required. Also, we will be pro-active in our communication with you if we feel there is something new you need to know or do.
    • A Personal Financial Website (myCompass): You will be provided secure access to myCompass, a robust client portal, that provides you with a current, on demand financial experience:
    • Organize and aggregate your accounts for a consolidated view of your financial picture.
    • View progress toward your goals.
    • Unlimited document storage to safely store all important records and access them from anywhere.
    • Track spending and create budgets.
    • Mobile web access whenever and from wherever you want.
    • Access to Educational Material: To learn and stay current, you will have access to pertinent education material on topics of interest and be eligible to attend relevant educational webinars, seminars, workshops and networking events.


    Clients wishing to engage Blue Blaze in an on-going planning and advisory relationship, will pay a fee based on the marketable net worth (MNW) according to the fee schedule below. The fee schedule is stated is a guide.  Fees are negotiable, and may be higher or lower than this range, based on the nature of the account the complexity of asset structures, and other factors.  

    Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.16.44 AM


    Clients who wish to receive investment management or tax management services through Blue Blaze, will need to execute separate agreements.

    • Investment Management Services

    Managing a portfolio of investments is an important component of Financial Life Guidance. Blue Blaze offers investment management services to Financial Life Planning & Advisory clients who would like to benefit by professional investment and account management services. Using a goals-based investment philosophy, Blue Blaze creates and manages portfolios based fundamentally on the time horizon for each goal, the investment objectives, the client’s risk tolerance and their tax situation.   Preservation of and prudent long-term growth of capital is at the heart of our approach; market timing is not. 

    The effective and efficient management of your investment accounts is an important function in the delivery of Investment Management services.  In addition to managing the investments in your accounts, Blue Blaze also provides Account Management and Cash Management Services for all Investment Management clients.

    Account Management Services include:

    • Opening, closing and transferring of accounts
    • Reviewing titling and beneficiary designations on accounts
    • Reporting cost basis for each position, as needed
    • Standing instructions for approved transactions

    Cash Management Services include:

    • Processing cash transfers, into or out from other financial accounts.
    • Arranging payments to third parties (including vendors, 529 accounts, IRS)
    • Processing requests for checks, or debit or credit cards
    • Cash management strategy including direct deposit of payroll
    • Cash or securities transfers for gifting or charitable intent

    With client approval, Investment Management fees will be withdrawn directly from client accounts.


    Pursuant to a separate contract, Investment Management services are provided subject to an Investment Policy Statement which represents the policies under which the portfolio will be managed. Generally, fees vary from 0.30% to 0.55% per annum of the market value of a client’s assets managed by Blue Blaze.  Blue Blaze’s fee schedule is as follows:                                

    Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.16.52 AM
    • Tax Management Services 

    Financial Life Planning and Advisory clients can elect to retain Blue Blaze for Tax Management services which provide a full range of tax planning and preparation strategies aimed at reducing your tax burden.

    Combining our expertise, experience, analysis and research with our detailed understanding of your life goals, gives us a decided advantage in optimizing financial opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws. Tax Management Services includes two components- 1) Tax Advisory & Implementation support, and 2) Tax Return Preparation. 

    Tax ADVISORY & Implementation Support

    Tax strategies appropriate to your situation will be reviewed along with anticipated financial rewards as well as any risks associated with the implementation. When possible and with your approval, Blue Blaze will coordinate the implementation of the tax strategy ensuring the appropriate steps are executed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable taxing authorities.

    This implementation support could include (but is not limited to) the following strategies (as appropriate to your financial situation):

    Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.17.14 AM

    Tax Return Preparation

    As part of the Tax Management service offering, Blue Blaze will prepare your personal income tax returns and file them with the Internal Revenue Service and other required taxing authorities.


    Pursuant to a separate contract, fees for Tax Management services provided generally range from $750- $6,000 on a fixed fee basis per tax year, depending upon the scope and complexity of service(s) required.