Comprehensive financial planning services delivered within the context of an on-going client/advisor relationship, including execution support.


Young professionals and individuals in the early wealth accumulation stage of their life cycle. The financial planning service is tailored to optimize a client's current situation, while also setting them on a track to meet future success. Considered a price sensitive option for those who seek a comprehensive review of their finances with execution support and on-going access to their financial advisor. Additional services are available depending on the specific need.



Goal Setting Understanding Net Worth & Cash Flow
Employee Benefit Planning Debt Management
Income Tax Planning Insurance Planning & Risk Management
Career Assessment Financial Literacy


TAX PREPARATION & ADVANCED PLANNING - Integrating the preparation of your required tax returns and tax estimates with advanced tax planning strategies to ensure you are paying the minimum amount of tax.

CASH FLOW & LIABILITY MANAGEMENT - Your current lifestyle may prevent the establishment of sound financial habits. Not “living within your means”, “living paycheck to paycheck”, and/or experiencing “rising debt with minimum or missed payments” are clear signals that behavioral changes might be necessary. We will provide you with the technology and guidance to gather the data, analyze the information, and arrive at a satisfactory implementation plan.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT –There may be situations where you maintain an investment portfolio outside your employer’s domain and would like professional management of the assets beyond the counseling which is performed as part of the Financial Planning offering.


(Financial planning services are required as a prerequisite to the other service offerings)

  • Financial Planning / Annual fee of $1,500 - $3,500 depending on complexity of your situation

  • Tax Preparation & Advanced Planning / $500-$1,500 annually depending on the expected complexity and estimated time required to deliver tax services

  • Cash Flow & Liability Management / $50- $150 monthly depending on level of client commitment/involvement and the volume of transactions

  • Investment Management / 50bp (.0050%) on investment balances up to $500,000.