“Map Your Journey”

Visioning - Lighting the Torch

Getting clarity on what’s most important in your life is the critical first step to developing a Financial Life Plan. Your own, personal experience of “Lighting the Torch” is supported by Blue Blaze through:

  • structured life planning exercises to identify your most significant life and wealth goals,
  • acknowledging perceived obstacles and financial opportunities,
  • addressing your most pressing financial concerns with successful planning and investment strategies.

Preparation of your Financial Life Plan

Once you have a vision of your optimal life, we work with you to chart your own, personal roadmap, or Financial Life Plan, to guide you forward. Your Financial Life Plan includes: preparing your financial statements, conducting a thorough risk profile, and determining a suitable tax strategy.  

At the conclusion of this very personal, practical and, hopefully, inspiring process, we will provide our observations on the current state of your financial situation along with our recommendations – in writing -- for practical, goals-driven, and actionable next-steps and resources we think you should consider going forward.


For “Map Your Journey” which includes the visioning process and the preparation of your Financial Life Plan, fees will range between $1,500-$6,000 depending on the number of participants and complexity.  It is expected that this service could be completed in 3-6 months.

Here are more details, including a comprehensive pricing schedule.