“Blaze Your Trail”

Clients who choose the highest level relationship with Blue Blaze, engage in a joint commitment to monitor the Financial Life Plan, assess progress and take necessary actions to successfully follow your path.

Some of these additional service opportunities include: 

Financial Life Planning & Advisory Services

Blue Blaze is your trail partner, offering you on-going guidance as you continue your journey, including: an annual review meeting, a progress report and action plan, as well as access to Blue Blaze resources, including your personal, myCompass financial website and the most current educational material and learning opportunities on key topics of interest.

Financial Life Planning partners have access to a team of professionals at Blue Blaze who provide guidance, advice and transactional support throughout the year. We take the guess work out of what you need to do next, as we are pro-active in our communication with you if we feel there is something new you need to know or do.

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Investment Management Services

Managing a portfolio of investments is an important component of Financial Life Guidance. Blue Blaze offers investment management services to Financial Life Planning & Advisory clients who want the benefit of professional investment and account management services.

In addition to managing the investments in your accounts, Blue Blaze also provides account management and cash management services for all investment management clients.

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Tax Management Services

Financial Life Planning and Advisory clients can also elect to retain Blue Blaze for tax management services. This level of service provides you with a full range of tax planning and preparation strategies aimed at reducing your tax burden.

Tax management services includes two components: tax advisory and implementation support, and tax return preparation. 

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