Blue Blaze believes that everyone deserves an optimal life. We strive to be a source of strength for every individual committed to living a successful life.  Our two- stage approach is straightforward & logical:

Stage 1: “Map Your Journey”-  Help you envision an optimal life, develop a plan to get there & get you started.

Stage 2: “Blaze Your Trail”-  A joint commitment to monitor your Financial Life Plan, assess progress and provide financial advice & direction to keep you on your path. Should the scope and complexity of your financial situation warrant, specialized investment management and tax management services are offered for clients seeking tailored execution support.

When you decide to commit to your optimal life and work with us to reach your goals, you become our partner in a relationship we call, Financial Life Guidance. This is our highest level of service and includes: comprehensive life planning and investment advisory services, tax services, estate planning, risk management, retirement planning, education planning, and business development services.

Blue Blaze’s goal is to partner with clients to foster deep relationships, establish an understanding of their unique situations, provide unparalleled financial services to empower clients along their path, and continue sharing value through every stage of a client’s journey.